Jelly Grip Hands Free Tripod Mount with Tripod

Cell Phone Mount

Recording Sports Activity with Cell Phone Mount

Recording your sports activity can be simple with the proper cell phone mount for your cell phone. The Jelly Grip Tripod mount can be attached to most commercial tripods or to the Jelly Long Leg Mount for easy recording of your favorite still or action shots using your cell phone. The grip will accept any cell phone or Garmin up to 3 5/8″ wide. The mounts are fully adjustable. The Jelly Grip phone and Garmin mounts can be used in your car with our simple but effective vent mount. All mounts are Black Polycarbonate-ABS plastic and brass for durability. All mounts have a 1 year Warranty. Our vent mount can be quickly attached or removed in a matter of seconds so you can us it in all your personal vehicles.    

Hands Free Jelly Grip Vent Mount

Hands Free Jelly Grip Car Vent Mount for Smartphones & Garmin GPS

Most rental cars don’t come with in-dash GPS.  You could pay an additional fee to rent a stand-alone GPS, buy why would you when you already have GPS on your Smartphone??  The answer is simple: in most states it is illegal to touch your phone while driving.  With Jelly-Grip Car Vent Mount, that problem is solved. Our tiny hands free mount can be quickly attached or removed in a matter of seconds so you can use it in all your personal vehicles and rental cars.

How the Jelly-Grip is Different:

Other hands free mounts rely on plastic grips or friction to hold the mount in place.  With Jelly-Grip, the sturdy metal vent hook working in conjunction with the clamping action of the screw makes it virtually impossible for the mount to come loose or fall off.  Works with strait vents that are 3/8′ to 1′ deep.

Unbelievable Range of Position:

The pivot ball has long been known as the gold standard for positioning flexibility.  That’s why the engineers at Square Jellyfish have strategically placed the hands free pivot ball at the center of the Jelly-Grip allowing you to tilt and rotate your Smartphone to virtually any angle.

vent mount



Check out the ease of use via utube:


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Price: $18.82

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Jelly Grip Hands Free Tripod Mount with Tripod

Jelly Grip Tripod Mount with Tripod

With this miniature mount and tripod you can be ready in an instant to take professional looking Smartphone photos and video.  The mount and tripod fold down to easily fit into a pocket or backpack.  At just 2.6 ounces, they won’t weigh down any adventure no matter how far you’re traveling.

The Jelly Grip Tripod Mount is the third generation tripod mount from Square Jellyfish.  To help speed up the setup process, we have moved the ball joint from the base of the mount to center of the phone.  This helps with the balance and photographer to just position the phone and let it go.  The ball joint tension is adjustable.

mount with tyripod


Old Price: $26.88

Price: $18.82

You save: $8.07

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Tripod Mount by Jelly Grip

Tripod Mount by Jelly Grip for Smartphones 

Why have a tripod mount by Jelly Grip? Do you like taking pictures with your smart phone? How about videos? Do you love taking panoramic shots?

Would you like to be in more pictures with your friends, but hate constantly having to ask a stranger to take your pictures for you?

Are you constantly on-the-go, with no space to drag around a tripod with you?

The Spring Tripod Mount’s unique flexibility allows a smartphone to be positioned vertically or horizontally in seconds. The arms “spring together” and tension holds a phone or device securely in place.

The Spring Tripod Mount can accommodate virtually any smartphone, MP3 or thin pocket camera and can expand large enough to hold the larger Galaxy Note II.


*Designed to quickly attach any Smartphone with or without a case from 2 1/4 to 3 5/8 inches wide.

*4 springs for a strong grip and small enough to fit in your pocket

*Portable and easy to use – ideal for smartphone users on the go

*Can be mounted quickly to any tripod with a universal screw mount, including Square Jellyfish’s own Pocket Tripod or Jelly Legs Micro Tripod.

*Rotate from Vertical to Horizontal in seconds – the only mount in the market that can do this

*Also makes a cool desk stand for your device when combined with one of our tripods

tripod mount

Utube mount description:


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Price: $15.05

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